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We're here to answer any questions you may have, reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can!

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MONDAY – FRIDAY : 8.00AM – 5.00PM

304 Tanglin Rd, Phoenix Park, 247972


What advantage does Ascensia International School have compared to other preparatory schools?

  • Established as HUA Business School since 1992, we are a renowned school for preparatory courses for foreign students
  • Winner of the inaugural Singapore Education Award for Best Enrichment programme in 2007 and the finalists for Year 2008 Singapore Education Award for Best Enrichment programme.
  • Small class-size to facilitate effective teacher-student communication.
  • Streaming based on student’s English proficiency level.
  • Monthly assessments, ensuring highly effective teaching.
  • Monthly performance observation, transferring students to next level of competence.
  • Outdoor activities to enhance relationships and bonding among teachers and students.

What are the study hours in Ascensia International School?

Students study from 845am to 4pm. Extra lessons (tutorials / remedial lessons) are held frequently, between 4pm to 6pm. There are no classes during the school holidays and on public holidays. From 4pm to 8.30pm, our classrooms are available for self-study for students. (Refer to course information sheet.)

When is the term schedule?

  • January to early March (Term 1)
  • Mid March to mid June (Term 2)
  • Late June to end August (Term 3 )
  • Early September to mid November (Term 4)
  • 64 weeks of study in total for Preparatory Course (GCE ‘O’ Level).
  • 20 weeks of study in total for Preparatory Course (Primary & Secondary).

How many GCE ‘O’ Level subjects must a student take?

It depends on the student’s academic intention after the GCE ‘O’ Level exams – the number of O Level credits required by that institution. In Singapore, polytechnics will require the English Language and Mathematics grades and 3 other subjects.

When will the GCE ‘O’ Level results be released?

According to the Ministry of Education, the results will be released in January.

How long must the student study in Ascensia International School before he is ready to enter the government school?

Most students spend about 5 months (20 weeks) in our school. Some students may choose to give themselves more time (7 to 10 months).

Is it necessary to take Malay (additional subject) for Preparatory Courses?

It is a good-to-have, as it will drill students on fundamental differences between Malay and Indonesian, giving them more practice. However, if the student’s schedule is already very tight, it may be advisable to spend the time on the more critical subjects instead.

Is it possible to take Science (additional subject) for Preparatory Courses in Ascensia?

No, Ascensia does not offer Science (additional subject) in Preparatory Courses.

Should a student take Chinese as Mother Tongue in the government schools? (For Indonesian students, who have to take Mother Tongue in the government schools.)

For students who are keen to take Chinese as Mother Tongue, we would encourage it on these grounds: (i) their current standard of Chinese is not too far below the standard in Singapore, and (ii) they are already quite good in English and Maths and thus they are still able to devote some time to studying Chinese. Parents and students can make a final decision after discussing the results of Ascensia International School’s placement tests with the principal/teachers.

Will Ascensia International School assist a student in finding a government school?

No, Ascensia International School does not provide school placement services but will give advice for the school admission based on the student’s progress of study with Ascensia International School. Registration for the AEIS centralised test will be done through Ascensia International School.

Which entrance exam should international students take to get into the government school?

International students are encouraged to take Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) Exam around October of the year. Refer to www.moe.gov.sg for more information.

Can students re-take AEIS or S-AEIS when they fail any of the tests?

So long as the age of the student is within the limit set, he can retake AEIS and S-AEIS.

Does Ascensia International School conduct TOEFL examination?

No. Ascensia International School offers the Preparatory course but does not administer the exam.
Please visit the following URL for TOEFL test schedule, registration and venue: www.ets.org

Does Ascensia International School conduct IELTS examination?

No. Ascensia International School offers the Preparatory Course but does not administer the exam.
You may take the IELTS exam at the British Council (http://www.britishcouncil.org/singapore)

Does a student need a local sponsor for studying in Ascensia International School?

No, student does not need a local sponsor to study in Ascensia International School. After completing their period of study in Ascensia International School, students must have a local sponsor when they are studying in the government schools.

Can Ascensia International School help to apply for the long term social visit pass for the student’s mother?

No, Ascensia International School only applies for the student’s pass for students studying with us. The student’s mother will need to settle any matters regarding the long term social visit pass directly with ICA.

Does Ascensia International School have a school hostel for students?

No, we do not have a school hostel. However, we are able to give some contacts and options for hostels and/or homestays.

What course materials should a student purchase?

Ascensia International School will issue the books and other course materials upon the commencement of the course.

Can the school fees be paid in instalments?

The school fees must be paid in full before course commencement. In the case when the course lasts for more than one year, e.g. Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Examination (64 weeks), school fees can be paid in two instalments.

What are the modes of payment?

You may pay by cheque, cash, bank draft or telegraphic transfer.