Mode & Duration
24 Months of full-time study


Mondays – Fridays:
08.30 – 15.30 hrs

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Cambridge International Examinations (Advanced Level)

The Cambridge Primary (Year 1-6) will allow young learners to grasp the foundations of learning as well as equip them with the necessary skills to successfully and confidently negotiate their future academic endeavours.

Course Objectives

The objective of this accelerated and intensive course is to equip students with a better overview and understanding of the core subjects of Cambridge International AS and A Level Examinations which include General Paper, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to prepare them for the Cambridge International AS and A Level Examinations.

Course Code CIE-AL-24
Course Content (Subjects) Subjects:
English (General Paper) – 8004
Mathematics – 9709
Physics – 9702
**Optional Subjects:
Accounting – 9706
Chinese Language – 9715 / 8681
Chemistry – 9701
Economics- 9708
Geography – 9696
History – 9389
Further Mathematics – 9231

* There are no lessons on all school and public holidays scheduled by the government of Singapore.
**Class will commence only if the minimum number of students required is met.

Learning is mainly in a classroom setting.

Teaching methods are varied including:
Interactive Tutorials (including use of IT)
Group work
Group discussion

Minimum Age: 16 years old
Academic Level : Completed Secondary Four or equivalent level
Language Proficiency:
Secondary Four or equivalent level
  • English Placement Tests
  • Written tests and examinations
  • Assignments

Cambridge International Advanced Level Examinations.

  • Student must attain a minimum of 90% attendance to complete the course.
  • A certificate will be awarded upon course completion
Course Code CIE-AL-24 CIE-AL-24
Fee Breakdown (Year 1) (Year 2)
Course Fee (Max 5 subjects) S$16,000.00 S$16,000.00
Student Development Fee S$ 1,900.00 S$ 1,900.00
Laboratory Fee S$ 1,500.00 S$ 1,500.00
Sub-total after 7% GST S$20,758.00 S$20,758.00
ICA Fee* S$120.00 S$120.00**
Total Fees Payable S$20,878.00 S$20,878.00
Application Fees (non-refundable) S$535.00 S$535.00

* Fees may be subject to change as determined by the relevant government agencies as at the time of processing / test registration.
**S$120.00 ICA Fee will be waived if student already secured the student pass in year 1


Course Deferment Fees S$107
Admin Fees for Test S$53.50
School Uniform (1 set) S$39.00
PE Attire (1 set) S$30.00
Graduation Lunch S$30
School Magazine S$10
Meet and Greet Services S$350-400
Change of Level Fee S$107
Admin Fee for Replacement of Student Pass (not included the replacement fee payable to ICA) S$53.50
Late Payment Fees S$53.50
School Jacket S$107
Packed Lunch (1 months) S$110


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