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Vision, Mission & Values

As both mentor and friend, we help our students find a direction in life.

Brand Vision, Mission, Values & Culture Statement



A unique international school that inspires, nourishes and celebrates the individual and the community


Providing a high quality learning environment where our students are shaped and developed in their minds, hearts and hands to live in and contribute to tomorrow’s world

Core Values

Excellence – aspiring to provide the best value to students and stakeholders

Unity – working closely with stakeholders to achieve common goals

Openness – exploring new frontiers of knowledge and possibilities

Caring – showing empathy, compassion and respect for the environment and community

Curiosity – Inquiring, reflecting and thinking thoughtfully about the world and our ideas

Culture Statement

To live out our core values every day and in everything we do

  • Awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) for Private Education Organization (PEOs)
  • Awarded the EduTrust certification by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
  • Accredited by the Education Department, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China;
  • Since 1995, we have started to conduct preparatory courses for international students enrolling into government schools
  • Won the inaugural Singapore Education Awards (Best Enrichment Programme) in 2007

Brand Story

Excited and a little anxious.

When you’re young and starting out in life, this is probably how you feel about the future.

Even more so if you’re new to Singapore. Will I fit in? Can I get into schools here? How about my future career?

At Ascensia International School, we want to help students soar above such limiting thoughts.

Self-doubt does not have a place in our campus.

Here dreams rule.

As both mentor and friend, we help our students find a direction in life.

We help them find their hidden potential and make a success of themselves.

When hearts and minds become open and receptive, like a miracle, lives are transformed.

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Ascensia International School’s success is the result of a commitment to providing a good quality education for every child that passes through its doors. To this end, it invests in a state of the art technology that allows for interactive curriculum to be developed to make learning more interesting.