Job Title:  Quality Assurance Specialist/Asst. Manager  (48K to 60K per annum)

Position:  Full Time


Job Purpose :

The key responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager is to ensure that the quality assurance system and processes comply with Committee for Private Education (CPE)’s Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) and EduTrust Certification Scheme, and Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) standards.

To meet the requirements of the organisation or the awarding institution(s) through monitoring the ongoing operations of the programmes and its implementation in liaison with Heads of Departments (HoDs) within the organization, and external stakeholders.

To develop key drives to support the improvement of the quality across the organisation with a data management system.


Key Responsibilities:

1. Support the School Vice President and Academic Director in the day-to-day operations. Develop, lead, and manage develop the academic quality assurance of all academic programmes delivered by the College.

2. To monitor each department’s operation in compliance with the Quality Assurance standards and requirements of the College, the awarding institution(s), Committee of Private Education (CPE) and Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) Singapore.

3. To identify and champion the resolution of pertinent Quality Assurance issues and concerns from internal and external assessors’ reports. 

4. To review internal and external assessment / quality reports and conduct internal inspection according to requirements stipulated by the School and relevant authorities. 

5. To liaise with governmental bodies and stakeholders on Quality Assurance issues and concerns and ensure thorough documentation on follow-up closure. 

9. To produce regular reports for the senior management team to the prescribed format and deadline.


Job Requirements:

• Advance Diploma in relevant disciplines with relevant background in quality assurance or ISO 9000 and/or audit experience is preferred

• Strong proficiency in the domain of EduTrust, data protection, data governance and PDPA obligations.

• A minimum of 1 year experience in similar position.

• Strong command of English (written and spoken) is a must.


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