Mode & Duration
12 Months of full-time study

Mondays – Fridays:
08.30 – 15.30 hrs

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Cambridge Primary (YEAR 1-6)

The Cambridge Primary (Year 1-6) will allow young learners to grasp the foundations of learning as well as equip them with the necessary skills to successfully and confidently negotiate their future academic endeavours.

Course Objectives

To build a strong academic foundation amongst young learners.
To prepare learners for progression into the Course for Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Lower Secondary.

Course Code CP-P(1-6)-12
Course Content (Subjects) Subjects: 
Global Perspectives 

* There are no lessons on all school and public holidays scheduled by the government of Singapore.
**Class will commence only if the minimum number of students required is met.
*We are not accepting applications for the course currently. Please contact the school directly for more information at +65 6466 5505

Duration and Contact Hours

The course will be offered over a period of one year (52 weeks), inclusive of school holidays and public holidays.

Face-to-face teaching will be conducted on five days a week for 38 weeks, with contact hours 6 hours a day.

Resources will include the following:

  • Print textbooks for the Cambridge Primary syllabus
  • Supporting electronic resources such as e-books
  • Multimedia resources
Minimum Age:
  • Year 1: At least 6 years old
  • Year 2: At least 7 years old
  • Year 3: At least 8 years old
  • Year 4: At least 9 years old
  • Year 5: At least 10 years old
  • Year 6: At least 11 years old
Academic Level :
  • Year 1: Completed Kindergarten or equivalent level
  • Year 2: Completed Primary Year 1 or equivalent level
  • Year 3: Completed Primary Year 2 or equivalent level
  • Year 4: Completed Primary Year 3 or equivalent level
  • Year 5: Completed Primary Year 4 or equivalent level
  • Year 6: Completed Primary Year 5 or equivalent level
  • English Placement Tests
  • Written tests and examinations
  • Assignments
  • Student must attain a minimum of 90% attendance to complete the course.
  • A certificate will be awarded upon course completion
Fee Breakdown Course Code: CP-P(1-6)-12
Course Fee (Max 5 subjects) S$15,000.00
Student Development Fee S$2,000.00
Technology Fee S$500.00
7% GST S$1,225.00
Sub-total after 7% GST S$18,725.00
ICA Fee* (GST not applicable) S$155.00
Total Fees Payable S$18,880.00
Application Fee (non-refundable) S$535.00
Registration Fee (non-refundable) S$2,140.00

* Fees may be subject to change as determined by the relevant government agencies as at the time of processing / test registration.


Course Deferment Fee S$535.00
Course Transfer Fee S$535.00
Student Pass Processing Service Fee S$214.00
Student Pass Application Fee S$30.00
Course Application Fee S$535.00
Medical Insurance Fee (Short Term Course) S$30.00/Month
School Uniform S$37.00-S$39.00
Physical Education Attire S$30.00
School Magazine S$30.00
Graduation Ceremony S$100.00
Lunch (monthly, up to $10 per day) Up to $230 per month (based on 23 days)
School Bus (monthly, depending on location) Up to $500 per month
Replacement Fees for Lost or Damaged Items Price will depend on value of lost item
Administrative Fee (Upon Request of Service) $53.50 per service
Administrative Fee for Credit Card & Union Pay Payment 3.2% of payment amount
Bank Charges $5-$50 varies by bank
Late Payment Fee
[Apply if payment is not made within 7 days after the scheduled due date(s) in Schedule B of the Student Contract. Payable at time of payment of Course Fees. The parties agree and acknowledge that this sum represents a genuine pre- estimate of the costs that the School is likely to incur in the event of late payment.]
1% of outstanding fees

Please note: All Fees and Charges are subject to Annual Review and 7% GST except Late Payment Fee*.
Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the students pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by the PEI when the need arises.


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