Farewell and Award Ceremony

The day had finally arrived. After years and months of hard work, our senior class finally bid farewell to the school, their teachers and own classmates, pursuing further education thereafter. The ceremony was a delightful mix of recollection and reflection, being in the moment, and considering their future plans.


The event began with addresses by Ms Crystal Pan, our Operations Manager, who challenged our students to regularly examine themselves, and strive continually to be better global citizens. Ms Nikko, our Vice Principal, then took them through their journey in school, reminding them of their milestones, encouraging them to practice openness and push themselves far in life, to not be overwhelmed by the numerous ‘signposts’ along the way. Mr Edmund, Head of Middle and High School, along with Ms Natasha, their homeroom teacher, also spoke of the students’ strengths and urged them to stay positive and to be determined in life. With such caring words spoken over them, our students listened attentively, having expressions of deep thought and appreciation plastered over their faces.


When the award ceremony took place, our students went upfront to receive their framed momentos and certificate scrolls, and then back to their seats for a short speech by two students from the cohort, Daniel Van Pelt and Li Yinxi. The event ended with a Memory Lane video, which featured a variety of photos of the students themselves during their time with the school. It was so comforting to look back at their entire journey of learning (curiosity) with Ascensia International School.


The event ended with some refreshments and the students saying their final goodbyes to their subject teachers, many grabbing photos of the place, as well as with the people who have touched their lives.