On 20 November 2020, the whole school marched out of the school in a cool morning with joyful smiles towards Mount Faber as this is our first Annual Challenge. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we walked with safe distancing while observing safety on the roads. The journey of about 7 kilometers seemed to be a short one because everyone was enjoying the outing together bonding and cheering each other on …

The students and teachers showed values of: Unity brought us all together as we did the climb and walk together; Openness was clearly shown by the open minds and open hearts in enjoying the climb and walk; Excellence in that the students have to scale Mt Faber which is rather steep for beginners, and for concentrating on the assignment given during the walk. Caring was displayed by students helping one another walking uphill and also buying drinks for each other at the kiosk; and Curiosity was clearly seen in way students looked at the nature as they drew their inspirations from the trees and the lovely setting of the Henderson Wave with its surrounding beauty around them.

On the whole, we were tired but felt good because we have accomplished the challenge with style and happiness.