Beginning on 16th February 2021, the students will be attending Co-Curricular Activities, a well-deliberated and planned series of exciting, immersive and experiential learning activities, including board games, coding and Art and Craft, to enrich their minds, enhance their learning and equip them with skills, knowledge and competencies. The activities will be conducted in a rotational manner.


Through board games, in particular, Chinese Chess, or commonly known as Xiang Qi, the students wil embark on a life-long journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. By learning visualization, they anticipate the outcomes of each step they take. They learn how to take into consideration the potential of each placement and the threats that are present and/or will develop. They will be trained to take into account what might possibly happen in the next 4 moves. They are challenged to think ahead and envision how their opponent might respond to their moves. They develop logical thinking skills by evaluating the value of each piece they have and how their moves can cause changes that might benefit or threaten them. By learning the skills, taking up challenges and learning from their own mistakes, they will hone and improve themselves in visualization, focus, logical thinking skills and even character development.


Through coding, the students will pick up skills that will enable them to stay ahead in the rapidly advancing and changing technological landscape. They will learn the skills and knowledge needed to write codes and programmes. They will experience formulating questions and plan how to utilise technology. The hands-on activities using high-tech equipment would enable them  to pick up the skills needed to design software, applications and web pages. They will learn how to direct an object’s movements, make sounds, change its appearance or execute series of complicated manoeuvres/sequences. They will learn how to design presentations, games and interactive applications to demonstrate their creativity or help people get organized and manage better.


In the Art and Craft sessions, the students will experience creating art in a fully-furnished and well-equipped Art Studio. They will explore a range of art topics, from drawing, painting to lettering and fine art. They will learn how to create artwork using a variety of media, including pencils, inks, water colours, acrylic paints, clay and many more. Through the sessions taught by trained and talented art teachers, they will be able to take their skill to the next level whether it is sketching, sculpting, doodling, designing, or making collages.