Today 5 staff from Ascensia International School visited Beyond Social Services today as part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community service of festive giving for the Christmas season.

10 hampers were packed with goodies and groceries each worth about and also added with cash vouchers of $10 per family.

Beyond Social Services has been a charity of more than 50 years, dedicated to helping children and youth working with the marginalized background to break away from the poverty cycle. Over the years, they have helped with about 10000 poor people living in the Tiong Bahru area over the years. The work scope includes helping these poor families with basic necessities; schooling needs for their children and ensuring these families can live beyond subsistence and sustenance. Their activities include:

  1. Befriending & fostering relationships services – be a big brother or sister to these poor children through tutoring
  2. Organizing programmes for nurturing family bonding and relationships such as outings and events for these families for bonding and excursions;
  3. Building a friendship through distributing gifts and other donations in kind on a regular basis for these families;
  4. Facilitating and strengthening the “kampong spirit” so that there are mutual help and support within the community and among themselves in times of need and other fundraising activities.

The visit gave the staff an insight into the level of poverty in Singapore with the knowledge that more than 250,000 people living in a subsistence and with so many needing help and support on a daily basis. The staff was overwhelmed by this fact.