Chinese New Year Celebration

To commemorate The Year of the Ox, Ascensia International School organised a few common Chinese New Year activities on the 26th of February. Our students participated in the events actively, practising unity within their groups; at the same time, they were open to the activities as it was a first-time experience for many of them.


Our students were not deterred by the unfamiliarity of producing certain food items; instead, they maintained their curiosity in discovering and acquiring new skills, one of which was shaping cookie dough for pineapple tarts. The students patiently cut out various shapes and delicately placed the pineapple mix onto the dough for baking. They were determined to get it right, kneading and shaping until they achieved their desired result.


When it came to the dumpling-making activity. They were not hesitant to get their hands sticky when they had to deal with the gooey glutinous rice powder, smiling at their own inexperience; yet 100% focused as they each managed their own materials. Our students also enjoyed seeing the vibrant colours of lanterns, and had a ball of a time activating their background knowledge and testing their cognitive skills with one another as they tried to solved the attached riddles.


All in all, it was a joyful day to remember. Most of our students are living away from home, so being able to celebrate the Lunar New Year with the school was an experience definitely worth holding onto. Plus, all of them got to fill their tummies and walked away with prizes at the end of the quizzes, so that was a bonus! What a heart-warming afternoon.