Cultural Awareness Week

Our Deepavali Oil Lamp painting event took place from 20th October – 27th October 2021. The event was held during Ms Jaclyn Tan’s art lessons. In each class, students were first introduced to the date and meaning of Deepavali; this was followed by the preparation and story behind Deepavali, and how it is celebrated (openness). At the end of the introduction, picture references of the oil lamps where shown. This gave students a visual concept of the designs and colours used on the oil lamps. Students were wondering if the clay lamp could efficiently contain oil and if it might allow any oil leakage (curiosity). They were pleased to learn that the clay lamp is made out of unreactive terracota clay and therefore, it is able to contain the oil well.


Students were instructed to draw their designs and concepts in their sketchbook. Once completing their sketches, students started drafting their designs/shapes in the interior of the clay lamp, using small brushes and light colour tones with acrylic paint. In the following lesson, students started to paint the exterior of the lamp. It was encouraging to see how focused they were with adding details in their artwork and they were all amazed by their own final outcomes. The lamps were then lined up for an internal competition.


On 29th October 2021, before our project time, staff members were invited to vote for their favourite clay lamp paintings. During project time, Ms Jaclyn Tan announced the top 3 winners with most votes and they were awarded prizes accordingly. After the announcement, Ms Natasha Williams started the Halloween event by introducing the historical facts about Halloween. Students listened attentively (openness), then very enthusiastically, started making cake pops with Halloween-themed decorations and we ended the afternoon by painting tote bags using Halloween-inspired concepts.


The students definitely had a fun-filled week discovering more about different cultural events around the world, and more importantly, they got personally engaged with filling up their international-minded tanks!