Easter Celebration

Hoppity-hop, what a joyous Easter celebration!


This event was planned and executed by our IBDP student Louize Wong as part of her IBDP CAS Project supervised by Ms. Sally Low, and co-planned with our very own J2 student, Leilah Jeffrey.


The event started with a Kahoot quiz where the students’ competitive spirit manifested while answering all the trivia questions in the game. Through this game, the students were able to ruminate on the true meaning behind the celebration of Easter. (Curiosity and Openness) Indeed, it was a combination of learning and fun.


After that, the students’ artistic and creative abilities were put to test by designing and painting their wooden eggs. (Excellence) They all came up with lovely, colourful, and unique designs that the teachers who served as judges had difficulty choosing the best Easter Egg. Undeniably, Ascensians are naturally artistic!


Following this activity was the much-awaited Easter Egg Hunting!! Students were put into groups according to colours in which they had to find and collect all the eggs of the same colour assigned to them. (Unity) Inside the eggs were questions that should be answered, and these answers should be submitted to the game masters. The students turned the campus upside down hunting for the eggs and racing against each other to complete the task. It was such a tiring game but also extremely fun!


The celebration ended by announcing the scores of the winners. With all the fun and enjoyment that we had, we were all winners with smiles plastered on our faces.