Easter Celebration

To commemorate Easter, the students participated in a series of activities organised within the school on the 9th of April. In the Rabbit Hopping Game, students had to hop from one end to another inside a gunny sack. The students laughed and enjoyed themselves thoroughly – this was a first-time experience for most of them!


The school’s values of Excellence and Unity were well evident in the way the students did their best even after falling over, and through spurring each other on tirelessly. The second game was the Spoon Relay whereby the teams had to immaculately balance an egg on a spoon and run around with it, working through their whole team.


The third activity was an exciting Egg Scavenger Hunt (akin to the popular Amazing Race!) for which the teams had to find eggs which were colour coded for their own teams. Each team had their own designated egg colour and given a time limit of 20 minutes to hunt for all 5 eggs in a very competitive event. The students showed Curiosity and Openness when they had to figure out solutions to the tasks inside the eggs – some even danced and sang!


During the reflection and feedback session, all the students said that they enjoyed the activities and were happy that they had the chance to jump in a gunny sack and also to work as a team with others. It was encouraging to see the students bond and have such a fun time with one another throughout the whole celebration.