Farewell and Award Ceremony

The day had finally arrived. After months of hard work, our Senior 2 and A Level 2 students have finally bid farewell to the school, to their teachers and own classmates, pursuing further education. The ceremony was simple and delightful, with great company and food and catching up with teachers and classmates before leaving their separate ways.


The event was in Nandos Plaza Singapura, the location was chosen in a restaurant setting because it allows students to have an excellent gathering with their teachers before they depart. In addition, food brings people together! Students got to enjoy the scrumptious meal and had a great chat with their classmates and teachers. The homeroom teachers, Mr Kaddy and Ms Jaclyn spoke to their respective students wishing them to stay positive and determined to complete their exams. With such caring words spoken over them, our students listened attentively and expressed appreciation for what their teachers have done for the past years.


When the award ceremony took place, once everybody had completed their meal. Our students went forward to receive their framed poster mementoes and certificates given by Miss Nikko. Each student took individual pictures with Miss Nikko and with their classmates. The event ended with a group photoshoot and students bidding farewell to their classmates and teacher.


Ascensia International School wishes the final-year students great success in their future endeavours. As Winston Churchills quote, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”