Farewell Party

This day marks the finale for the graduating class in Ascensia International School. Students started with a video recapping their memories in the school and gave short speech to show their gratitude towards the school, the teachers and friends. Teachers also gave them their final word of encouragement and advices for future endeavours.


The school presented each student with their personalised gift and cards and they continue to leave their memories and encouragement to their friends by autographing on each other’s cards.


After the relaxing lunch, the students got ready to serve the nearby communities for the one last time as students from Ascensia International School. They represented the school to deliver stationery items to Beyond Social Services (BSS) to be supportive of the students in need. During the visit, the students listened attentively to the social worker during her introduction of the services provided by BSS and they expressed empathy to the beneficiaries that they were serving to.


With that, the students ended off their last day in Ascensia International School and made it a memorable one in their life.