Halloween Activities in Ascensia

On the 31st of October 2019, the staff and students congregated and plotted for a spooky Halloween gathering. The students expended their creative juices and snipped and cut, and pieced and glued, and hobbled together, bit by bit, the costumes that they would appear in. The students and staff were dressed as mummies, witches, vampires, werewolves among a myriad of a legion of monsters then made their way to the Multi-purpose room to carry out their celebratory activities.

Mr. Wong, as Grim Reaper, hosted the event and spooked everyone out to a creepy beginning and issued a grim warning that full participation is required or their lives would be forfeit. The proceedings then launched with a presentation by Ms. Natasha, dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood which saw listeners who were attentively rewarded with gifts and prizes.

Following that was the parade of the students showing off their terrifyingly-creative costumes. There was a legion of monsters and friends showing off their blood-curdling features and terrifying abilities. The scariest ones who espoused the school value of ‘Excellence’ won a gift each for revealing their true nature. Following that were the ear-tingling chants of the Primary 1 class who shared their expertise in witchcraft and dark arts.

The Primary 2 then delighted everyone with a play called ‘A Halloween Night’ which emphasized the Ascensia school values of ‘Caring’ and ‘Openness’ by teaching everyone not to judge new and unfamiliar faces and characters but to treat them with open-mindedness, understanding, patience and love. The Primary 4/5 item brought to the forefront the value ‘Curiosity’ which piqued everyone’s desire to find out more about the infinite possibilities regarding the story’s outcome. The Halloween Jigsaw game challenged the students to exhibit their values of Excellence, Unity and Curiosity to the utmost.

The festivities ended with a huge fanfare with many photos snapped to commemorate the event, and everyone went back exhilarated with many haunting memories of having contributed and participated to make the Halloween celebration a huge success.