Halloween Party

On 30th November, 2020, the students and staff of Ascensia Internal School revealed their true nature after lunch by donning horrifying masks and spooky costumes. Or did they simply remove their human facade? The festivities kicked off with the students all on fire with burning curiosity frantically attempting to divine the ancient and murky origins of the festival of Halloween. Once they have unearthed the answers, they embraced the unfamiliar with openness and delved further into the mysterious realms by posing for spooky photos with otherworldly props and masks, crafting fiendish mummified stationery holders, splashed their faces and bodies with blood, gore and uncanny symbols, and making masks that evoke images of terrifying supernatural creatures. Reveling in the unity they shared through the challenging trials and satisfied with their handiwork, they descended into the IB PYP 1/2 classroom to watch a creepy movie to satiate their preternatural viewing desire.