IB-PYP Exhibition

The IB PYP Exhibition kicked off amid great fanfare, with a speech to an expectant audience, celebrating the authorization of Ascensia International School as an IB World School and more importantly, the achievements of the students. The cohort of 2020 has made us all extremely proud for having attained phenomenal results and development despite crippling obstacles like the Circuit Breaker which caused tremendous disruption to their studies. They braved the challenges and overcome the seemingly unscalable obstacles. They have gone from stride to stride honing their transdisciplinary skills and evident display of the IB Learner Profile attributes. The students put their weeks of preparation into demonstration and wowed the audience with their impeccable conduct and eloquent presentation skills.


They exhorted the audience through a persuasive delivery to take better care of their health through a presentation of ‘Who We Are – Our Wonderful Body’. They shared their intricate understanding of how civilizations have bettered themselves through understanding better ‘How We Organize Ourselves’ and their continuous struggle towards organizational excellence and unity. They talked with passion, invoking the curiosity of all present, about the need to do to their part by taking action to reverse climate change and global warming through ‘How the World Works – Global Warming’. Inspiring everyone with their knowledge about ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ and making them receptive to openness, they shared their expansive knowledge about the voyages of Admiral Zheng He and how he changed the face of the planet through his sea-faring while being caring to help peoples of different races and climes to acquire new technologies to not only sustain, but, better their lives.  Through vibrant and expressive shadow plays and acts, they demonstrated the urgent need for intimate intercultural understanding in a time of heightening racial, religious and cultural tensions.


In a presentation of ‘How We Organize Ourselves – From Field to the Table’, the IB PYP 1/2 reinforced the message of caring for our bodies and through it, the world, by reducing our carbon footprint. The IB PYP 5 students impressed upon all present the responsibility of every living person, to love and understand all past and present lifeforms, even those, and especially, those that have become extinct, their role in ‘Sharing the Planet’ and to co-exist and live with all life-forms in perfect harmony, and mindfully and purposefully contributing to their continued existence, nay, their well-being into the future, for generations and generations.


Embracing the truths they have realized and feeling extremely proud of the young hearts and minds they came into contact with, the audience departed from Ascensia International School, with a sense of purpose, elated by how their newly acquired attitudes and knowledge will steer them towards making positive contributions to the world and humankind.