International Friendship Day

To commemorate cultural diversity and the intertwining of various ethnicities on Singapore’s National Day, the students were given a bunch of coloured yarn and threads to create friendship bands of different designs and patterns. It was so wonderful to see their creative juices flow, and their focus in learning how to make the bands all on their own.


As the students followed the online video tutorials with curiosity, they started weaving their yarn individually, or in very small groups. They showed great openness in using different colours to represent certain countries, as well as unity in helping one another secure or tie the yarn together to achieve their desired outcomes. After a short period of trial and error, all our students very soon got the hang of things and were underway in producing their personalised creations.


Following the completion of their friendship bands, the students proudly presented their works to their classmates, sharing a little about their reasons for choosing a specific technique and design for their bands. Photos were also enthusiastically taken as mementos for this unique and special International Friendship Day.