Kindness Awareness Day

This event was slightly different from the previous ones that had taken place. We gave the students the opportunity to organise something by themselves. And most, if not all of them, actually came up with some pretty impressive work. For our school value, Caring, the students first had to select an area of service – an area in our community which requires assistance. They had to carry out some research in their own teams, and then come up with a proposal presentation about what they could do to help in this area.


The three teams with the highest overall scores during the presentation will have the wonderful opportunity of having their proposals implemented in the second semester, if/when current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The students had one hour to do their very best (Excellence) and present a slideshow for the rest of the students, teachers, as well as the judges. Speaking in front of a large audience required some bravery and our students were definitely up for the challenge!


Our students were able to articulate clearly how they could serve in their selected areas and now, everyone is looking forward to seeing how the winning proposals can be carried out in the next Semester!