Lunar New Year Celebration

What a wonderful Lunar New Year celebration we had! The afternoon kicked off with a very competitive game over Kahoot where our staff and students pitted their brains against one another in a series of Zodiac-themed quiz questions. We had mere seconds to ponder over the questions (curiosity) before running against time to score the most points.


Following that, the students separated into two main groups, one to create ornaments just using red packets, the other to create a Chinese dessert dish called tang yuan, or more commonly known as glutinous rice balls. The students had to fish out their creativity in designing the ornaments and when they did, some of their works were just refreshingly original! Bearing in mind a few themes such as prosperity and success, the students took time and paid close attention (caring) to some intricate folding and sticking of the red packets.


The other group was dedicated towards the rolling of the rice flour and stuffing it with either red bean paste or peanuts. The students worked well together (unity) and looked out for one another’s well-being throughout the activities. After a period of time, both groups swapped over and everyone had a try at making everything that afternoon.


Much laughter could be heard during the activities and it was just a joyous occasion overall. The couple of hours was definitely a time of fun, joy and satisfaction in creating our own food, and handicraft!