Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

On this day of cultural flavours our students expressed their creativity in making lanterns and snow-skin mooncakes to experience the Mid-Autumn Festival spirit. Many of them were first-time makers in bakery, so they were very curious about what may come out from the mould, the recipes and the refreshing smell coming from the ingredients. They found that kneading was a work of skill and practiced to become more familiar with the texture. Students were happily surprised by the different patterns on the snow-skin mooncakes. The filling we picked for the students was lotus paste, which was new to some students. However, after the hands-on work and the attraction of the smell, students were very open to taste their work. While each student made four mooncakes, thinking they could bring them home and shared with their families, many could not resist the nice smell and consumed most of the mooncakes. Another activity started earlier during prior lessons required students to create simple lanterns. It was a process where the students explore structures, shapes and colours to put their lanterns in one piece. Students were curious about how the shape and structure of the lantern could be rendered by different design ideas.