Mid-Autumn Festival

With social restrictions still in place all over the nation, we decided that we would all have fun with some mooncakes and lanterns within the school compound instead. The activities held included making traditional snow skin moon cakes from scratch, and personalising paper lanterns using art materials.


The students were engrossed in the activities throughout the afternoon. Guided by our experienced in-house culinary masters, Ms Natasha and Ms Sally, our students learnt with curiosity how to roll the lotus paste into even sizes and wrap them up using the flour and snow skin mix. The students persevered patiently in getting the correct technique and of course, the prospect of consuming the mooncakes at the end was an enticing motivation!


Customizing lanterns also proved to be a very engaging activity as our students were able to choose their preferred lantern colours, medium of decoration and be hands-on in producing their very own art pieces. Openness was evident as the students allowed themselves to be inspired and guided by Ms Jaclyn and Ms Li, making use of different artistic exemplars available online. The final outcomes were a colourful mix of beautifully painted and handi-crafted lanterns which we are currently displaying along the school’s corridors.


Everyone is definitely looking forward to next year’s Mid-Autumn festival!