New AAIS Focus update !

Dear Readers,

Learning at school is always full of discovery and excitement, so much so that many students profess that they look forward to the new adventures that each day will bring. From traipses in the yard to handling animals or building tools and models, the students discover knowledge rather than have it taught to them. Through the quintessential learning experiences, the students build knowledge and question even how they know what they know. No how tough the processes were, they persevered through them by reminding themselves to be inquirers, thinkers and risk-takers.

Forging through the challenges, our students are developing and preparing themselves to be innovative yet principled and caring leaders in spearheading the development of a better and brighter world for tomorrow.

Join us on the journey in this issue of  FOCUS!

Yours sincerely,

Wong Wai Kong (Editor)

Download Link: AAIS FOCUS Nov 2019(V2)