Reading Day

On this sunny Friday afternoon, our students, accompanied by their teachers, made their way to both the National Central Library and the Queenstown Library. During the journey there and back, students practised the school value of unity and looked out for one another’s safety as they boarded their respective buses. All the students displayed their sense of curiosity as they explored the interior of the libraries, looking through the numerous shelves of books and resources available. They were in their utmost and best behaviour throughout, displaying excellence in the way they carried themselves through the SafeEntry checks and account registrations.


The students bonded together as they spent time selecting their reading material for the afternoon, showcasing openness in the way they inquired about one another’s reading preferences. They were inquisitive, and very receptive to new information outside the classroom. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience for all our students, as they made their way back to school after 2 hours, reflecting on the time spent and asking the teachers how they could borrow and return resources on their own. A very fruitful afternoon indeed!