School Values Day – Robertson Quay X Beo Crescent Amazing Race

On the last day of the term, our students took part in the inaugural Ascensia International School Amazing Race held along Robertson Quay and at Beo Crescent market. The afternoon consisted of various checkpoints whereby the students had to perform certain tasks in order to attain completion of the whole race.


Throughout the journey, the students explored different locations within groups, showcasing unity when completing the station challenges together. They were required to locate the oldest hotel in Singapore, which meant that they had to be curious and either do some research or talk to passers-by. For other checkpoints, students had to choreograph a short dance routine, as well as take a picture with a foreign server, highlighting our school value of openness, where our students should always try their best to be open to experiencing new and different cultures and knowledge.


Later that afternoon, our teachers and students were caught in a heavy downpour, but it did nothing to dampen the spirit of excellence in our students, all of whom made it back to school well before the cut-off time! Our students not only came away from the activity with a wonderful time of bonding and exploration, but also a deeper understanding of the school values and a stronger appreciation of why these values represent us.