School Values Day

Our School Values Day this time round commemorated Singapore’s Racial Harmony Day with traditional games created by different ethnic groups and races of Singapore, played by many ever since decades ago.


The games included Hopscotch, Chapteh, Five Stones and Flag Erasers. Our students experienced the different games in their own classes (unity), noting the regulations of social distancing and not mingling with the different levels. They had to approach the games with much openness as they were completely unfamiliar with them. Also, the way they had to coordinate their minds with their fingers, arms and legs was something that hardly any of them have been used to.


Nonetheless, the competitive spirit was clearly evident in the way our students competed against one another, wanting to win the tournaments and persevering through the various difficulties. They did their best and had a really enjoyable afternoon! The scorching weather may have heated things up unenjoyably, but it did not burn away any enthusiasm at all. Our School Values Day featuring traditional ethnic games was well and truly appreciated and experienced as a first time for our students.