Instead of simply coming up with donation funds and items, we organised a series of activities for the students to reflect and participate in a show-and-tell, and finally donate. Our students and staff looked through their personal belongings to identify the ones that they felt sentimental about and would like to give away for those who might need it more. This practice has encouraged the students to open up to a different mindset by learning from experts with curiosity. Guided by their homeroom/form teachers, the students watched documentaries about decluttering and reorganising items, and life. Our students and staff shared with one another their folding skills, showed and told the stories of their beloved items that they would like to donate with care.

They were offered an opportunity to pick from the donated items the ones that touched them and would like to bring home. The rest of the items were then donated to the Salvation Army. Our students and staff also reflected on their learning and work and penned down their gratitude to their friends, teachers and colleagues of the school.