Values Day

The second semester has just started and teachers of Ascensia decided to bring the students to Vivo City Shopping Centre to explore the place and visit the library.


Before the teachers and students made their way to Vivo City Shopping Mall, each student was paired with a fellow student to work together during the trip. Upon reaching their destination, students were brought to the food court to explore and try different cuisines. The students were open and eager to try different dishes and desserts which they enjoyed so much, especially the local dessert “chendol”. After enjoying such scrumptious food, everyone marched their way to the library to register and browse books that could pique their interests and curiosity. The students displayed excellent attitudes like what true Ascension should be while they were in the library. Just when they were having fun, time flew so fast, and it was already time to head back to school.


It was a short trip but sweet and fun!