Previously known for its specializations in providing preparatory courses for Singapore government schools to GCE O Level and A Level examinations, Ascensia International School (AAIS) sought to offer world class courses and activities for international students to become 21st century learners who are equipped with knowledge, passion and skills. To this end, from 2018, AAIS incorporated the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Cambridge IGCSE and Diploma Programme (DP) for students from primary to pre-college levels.

AAIS is a candidate school which offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for students from Year 1 to Year 5 a well-balanced, character-centered, and inquiry-based education. At this early stage, students learn about self, the surrounding environment and different perspectives. They are guided to be respectful and responsible for learning. At the secondary level, AAIS is authorized to offer IGCSE. AAIS students of both lower and upper secondary levels learn to work on projects, absorb content knowledge and communicate their work in different formats in English. This rigorous learning journey is carefully catered by AAIS. The purpose is to prepare students for their further learning within campus and in real-world situations.

AAIS is at the moment a candidate school for the Diploma Program (DP) and pursuing to offer DP for pre-college level students in the near future. Following AAIS’s vision, mission, values and culture, future students at this level will be highly exposed to independent learning through projects and research. Students will be required to make presentations to describe, analyze and reflect. AAIS draws out the best in each student by encouraging her/him to be curious, to explore and to discover through a well-integrated educational pathway. AAIS seeks to ensure its future pre-college students are well prepared with these must-have mindset, heartset and skillset to be successful individuals in their higher education and professional arena.



Mr. Huang, Chuan Sheng


Crystal Pan

Operations Manager

Ricky Tsai

Project Manager

Dr.Nikko Hsiang

Vice Principal

Daniel Wang

Marketing Manager

Chionh Chye Chin

Head of Middle & High School

Wong Wai Kong

Head of Junior School

Michelle Ong

Admin Manager

Macwyn Liu

Admissions Manager


Listing of teachers for different courses



Our facilities include wireless internet classrooms (area ranges from 36.00 sq meters to 101.00 sq meters) with LCD Projectors,
interactive writing boards and computers in every classroom.

Blk 304

Classroom Number Floor Area (sq m) Capacity
Classroom 101 40.90 27
Classroom 103 44.40 29
Classroom 105 37.20 24
Classroom 106 36.90 24
Classroom 107 36.90 24
Admin Office 25.73
Classroom Number Floor Area (sq m) Capacity
Classroom 202 38.34 25
Classroom 203 38.10 25
Classroom 204 37.90 25
Classroom 205 73.30 48
Classroom 206 101.00 67
Classroom 207 65.40 43
General Office 45.82

Blk 318

Classroom Number Floor Area (sq m) Capacity
Classroom A103 43.53 29
Classroom A104 60.80 40
Classroom A105 52.13 34
Classroom A106 42.30 28
Classroom A107 41.66 27
Classroom A108 49.64 33
Classroom A109 44.59 29
Classroom A110 45.90 30
Classroom A115 29.60 19
Classroom A116 27.98 18
Art Studio A123 38.46 25
Classroom Number Floor Area (sq m) Capacity
Classroom A202 49.78 33
Classroom A203 51.89 34
Classroom A204 58.28 38
Classroom A205 72.40 48
Classroom A206 44.41 29
Music Studio A207 19.41 12
Music Studio A208B 29.65 19
Music Studio A208A 12.16 8
Classroom A209 18.78 12
Music Studio A210 25.13 16


Examination Passing Rate 50.1%
Graduation Rate 92.31%
Progression Rate 100.00%