Cao Chang

O Level

Anderson Junior College 

My teachers were very supportive and helped me to catch up since I enrolled late in AA. Because of their efforts, I attained good results and became a better person.

Lian Yutong

O Level


l am really glad to have completed my secondary education at AA. AA has enriched me tremendously and certainly spiced up my life in many ways!

Theresa Tjandrawinata

O Level


Lessons are conducted using fully interactive whiteboards which makes it stimulating for us. Besides lessons, I also gained invaluable life learning experiences thanks to the many school trips.

Tassanaruck Ruthira

O Level

Burapha University (Thailand) 

Thank you so much for helping Ruthira improve in English Language. Because of you, she attained good results allowing her to pursue a Degree in Pharmacy at Burapa University.

Abby Wen Erya

AA OL Student

University of Melbourne 

I used to have lower self-confidence, but my teachers at AA motivated me to rise to the occasion and I am today more confident of myself and my abilities.

Xiong Wenxi

O Level

Republic Polytechnic 

I’m very grateful that every teacher in AA has helped and encouraged me. They guided and advised me when I felt lost at times in life.

Wu Tianou

Primary 4/5


Although Tianou spent a relatively short time in AA, we have a very good impression of it. The caring and responsible teachers helped Tianou to become more independent, proactive and confident.

Michael Pubula

Primary 4/5

New Town Primary School 

Ascensia has provided Michael with a good experience and helped him to gain admission into New Town Primary School. Thanks for all the attention and time given to him.

Li Jiashi

Primary 2/3


When Jiashi joined Ascensia, he knew practically no English. He could not keep up in class. After the teachers’ hard work, he can understand, and even speak some English!

Charlie Angriawan

A Level

Singapore Polytechnic 

What I really liked about the lessons conducted at Ascensia are the constructive feedback and suggestions given by my teachers so that I can strive for continual improvement in my studies.

Yuri Prachariya Wataruangkajom

Secondary 2

Queenstown Secondary School 

The Maths taught here is completely different from that of Thailand’s. I overcame this difficulty with the help of my Maths teacher in Ascencia who made understanding concepts much easier.

Christma Chinawanitkit

Secondary 3

Beatty Secondary School 

I am thankful for Ascensia because all the teachers helped me overcome my initial fears of being alone in a foreign country and taught me many new things.

Tang Zhengjianghang

O Level

Temasek Polytechnic 

Learning in Ascensia Academy was fun and fruitful. I enjoyed participating in the many activities organised by the school, especially the Mobile Learning Journey.

Chen Xiang Yu

O Level

Republic Polytechnic 

“AAIS is a school that really changed my life for the better. I could not have achieved my goals and results without the help of the school's dedicated teachers.”

Koko Kyaw (Eric)

O Level

Republic Polytechnic 

"During my journey in Ascensia International School, I encountered many failures in my studies, especially in Mathematics. However, I persevered with diligence and eventually overcame these obstacles. With the help of my teachers, I was able to pass my O-Levels; taking a big step towards my goal. I am currently in Republic Polytechnic, studying the Diploma in Business and Social Enterprise course."

Joseph Li YinXi



“ASCENSIA is the best school that I know. All the teachers and students are friendly to me. The lessons are very interesting especially Mathematics because Mr Edmund Ng is a very dedicated and responsible teacher who goes the extra mile for us. We learned a lot of things from him during his class. I also enjoyed my English lessons and my Art classes as well. ASCENSIA is a good place to study. ”


O Level


“I enjoyed studying at Ascensia. I found a lot of wonderful people here. I am happy to have my O level journey together with the amazing and caring teachers and friends.They were all very helpful . Not only have I improved in my studies, I am also more confident of my future too. “

Daniel Van Pelt



“I love Ascensia. My year here in this school has been great. I learned a lot more than I learned in the other schools. My Mathematics as well as my English have improved. Since thanksgiving is around the corner , I want to say that I am thankful to all my teachers and all my peers in IGY2. The food here is very nice and tasty. “

Delozar Julliene Marie Gualin

O Level


“Ascensia is a great school. My time in this school is worth it. I learned a lot of things everyday. The environment is good for studying and has a quiet ambiance. The teachers are very knowledgeable and they also encourage us when we encounter difficulties and help us solve our problems when we approach them for help. All in all, I think this school is great. I love this school.”

David Hou Shangzheng

IGCSE Upper Secondary


My favourite parts of Ascensia International School are the environment, the food and the teachers. I have many favourite teachers including Mrs. Lai, Mr. Teoh, Ms. Pearlyn, Ms. Sally, Mr. Peter and my form teacher Ms. Natasha. The heads of the school Ms. Crystal and Dr. Nikko have commitment and integrity and Mr. Edmund is a very tolerant teacher. I also like the librarians.

Noah Truong Thanh Dat

IGCSE Upper Secondary


I love being in the new campus. It is smaller than the past campus but I like how cozy it is. I like that there are many plants and trees around the campus. My favourite teachers are Ms. Pearlyn and Mr. Kevyn. They are always so kind and helpful. One of the most memorable events was the reading day. It was great getting to hear the advice from our seniors. It was good to hear about the different paths they took. I enjoy coming to school, because of how welcoming it is. I love how inspirational Mr. Edmund is. He is truly the definition of a role model and is healthy and fit. Ms. Sally is a very helpful and generous teacher. She often gives us advice about life and how to prepare for the future. In Conclusion I love this school very much.

Bulut Metin

IB-PYP Year-1


I like the classrooms in school as they are big, spacious and well-decorated. I also enjoy the different experiences I can get in school. Through different activities planned by my teachers, I can learn many new things. I also like learning with my friends in school and interacting with the students from the different classes.